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"We only have one planet earth.  If we don't take care of her, she won't be able to take care of us."  dey 5-08-09

Recycled sculpture Spring Flowers
(above photo) "Spring Flowers" garden sculpture created by author from old bed springs.

Bloom of Opuntia cochenillifera
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Opuntia cochenillifera
"Cochineal Cactus"

This is an easy cactus to grow. Just lay one of the thick succulent pads on the ground and it will put out roots at the bottom, then new pads will grow upward, eventually growing into a large bush. It is said to be a spineless cactus, but you should always wear gloves when handling it because they do have clusters of tiny hair sized spines that can be irritating when imbedded in your skin. The blooms are red/pink.

The various cactuses of the Opuntia species, with their plump paddle-shaped stems, have been eaten as a staple in Mexico for centuries. Many countries now grow them because they are easy to cultivate. They have a good flavor, offer good nutrition and they have medicinal value.

In the past, people placed them on coals to burn off the thorns to make the task of peeling them a bit easier. Now shoppers can buy bags of peeled and diced opuntia cactus, more commonly referred to as "nopales" or "nopalitos." You can often find them at produce markets, or pickled in jars at grocery stores in the Hispanic foods section.

(approx. 2 ft.plant)

Unrooted pads available for $2 each plus shipping. Please inquire.|
Send e-mail here.


By removing all the base branches, this large cactus can easily be shaped into a large tree around 15 ft. high in just a few years.


Garden Art made from
Recycled Oil Drums
Recycled oil drum art from Haiti



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