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Creating Recycled Garden Art
eon signs can make a bold statement in your garden
, especially at night. I used to collect old neon simply because I like the bright garish magic of it.  I would occasionally have access to some interesting pieces  when living in Atlanta.  As buildings and neon signs were abandoned, there were enterprising young men who salvaged the gas and glass advertisements from a previous era.  I found this one in a newspaper ad.  It had originally been the O in a large Kodak sign that stood for many decades on top of a local building until it went dark when the building changed hands. I later installed it on my then new garden bench here in Florida, but I soon removed it when a hurricane was on its way.  It now hangs in one of my windows inside where it's protected. For those of you who don't live in the path of hurricanes, neon can be a great focal point for your evening garden parties. Many stores are now selling new neon, so this is still an option even if you can't find anything vintage. A few words of caution, make sure squirrels can't get to it because they can easily snap the glass thinking it's a tree limb for them to climb on. Also, be aware that neon is ignited by an electric current that is enhanced by a transformer.  Make sure any bare wires are securely covered and inaccessible to inquisitive fingers. Neon is merely glass tubing with neon gas sealed inside.  It's very fragile so be careful.