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Creating Recycled Garden Art

Yikes, snakes in the garden!!  I borrowed this idea from a distant memory of a photo I once saw in a book of artist Georgia O'Keefe's home in the desert, where she placed simple smooth river stones on a window sill to act as decoration or art.   I've always collected rocks and stones wherever I've gone, though not as large as the ones in that ancient movie "The Long Long Trailer", in which Lucy and Desi were traveling through the American West.  Lucy was secretly collecting large rocks along the way, but it all became obvious when Desi was trying to climb higher and higher, pulling the house trailer over a mountain ridge.  All the rocks started sliding from under the bed and....well, it's Lucille Ball so I'm sure you can image the rest.  I've placed my stones in the form of a snake.  It can't get much simpler than that, yet it adds such an interesting element to be discovered by anyone who cares to notice.