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Creating Recycled Garden Art

Birdhouses are a great way to use recycled materials.  They can be made from old worn out cedar or treated pine fence boards, rusted metal roofing, or anything else you can come up with.  Go to your garage and see what you can find to work with.  Get creative.  Think of a way to recycle something that would never normally be used to make a birdhouse such as an old computer housing. 

This one was made many years ago by a good friend who is no longer with us.  She used fence boards and wood trim that she found along the curb left for garbage pick up.  Whenever she would see someone removing a fence or old shed, she would talk to the owner to ask for the discards that she could use.  She made birdhouses for a living and the style was often dictated by the available materials. She added her own distinct touches with paint and things like the little wreath that she bought at a crafts store. Some of the early ones even had tiny porch chairs.

Here's a simple structure using just boards and paint, resulting in a high rise birdhouse for the city.