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Creating Recycled Garden Art

Stacked tile makes a terrific garden pedestal. One day I went to a local flooring store looking for discarded carpet to use as a weed block because I had several cherry laurel trees out front that were relentless in their attempts to create new trees. I wanted to block the many runners from sprouting upwards.  While I was there the owner asked if I knew of anyone who might want her old sample tiles.  I immediately said I'd take them.  I didn't have any idea what I'd do with them, but I knew I'd think of something. After selecting some for a bathroom mosaic broken tile project, I sorted the rest and stacked them by size to create this garden pedestal. One very important warning.  Make sure you put down a solid level base first to make sure the stack stays perfectly perpendicular to the earth, otherwise it could end up leaning as the ground underneath it settles. I used a large square concrete patio block and a level after tamping the earth.
The laughing Budha statue was passed on to me from a friend when he moved out of state. By the way, that carpet idea didn't work.  The cherry laurel sprouts forced their way right through the carpet, even with its heavy backing. I eventually cut the trees down because they were entirely too invasive for a small property. They're better suited where they have lots of room to spread.