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"We only have one planet earth.  If we don't take care of her, she won't be able to take care of us."  dey 5-08-09

Recycled sculpture Spring Flowers
(above photo) "Spring Flowers" garden sculpture created by author from old bed springs.

EAgave vilmoriniana, octopus agaveBulbils from the bloom stalk of Agave vilmoriniana, (octopus agave)
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Agave vilmoriniana
Octopus Agave

Agave vilmoriniana, known as the " Octopus Agave”, is a very desireable large succulent that loves the sun. It can grow to 5 feet in diameter with smooth thick leaves that have graceful undulating curves. The overall look is that of a many tentacled octopus which is the source of its common name.

$10.95 (2 two year old plants)

agave-vilmoriniana, octopus agave

Unlike most agaves, this one does not produce pups, but instead it blooms one time when it sends up a spiked inflorescence up to 15’ in height with many branches (see photo below). Small flowers are often found at the ends of the branches, soon turning into large numbers of tiny rooted bulbils that can be removed and planted. Sometimes the blooms simply die with no bulbils produced. The mother plant dies after the spiked bloom.

agave-vilmoriniana, octopus agave bloom stalk

Garden Art made from
Recycled Oil Drums
Recycled oil drum art from Haiti



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