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Spring Flowers sculpture, recycled from bed springs
(above photo) "Spring Flowers" garden sculpture created by author from old recycled bed springs.

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Art Deco chrome & glass cocktail shaker
Art Deco Chrome & Glass Cocktail Shaker SOLD

art nouveau nude fan dancer ceramic figure
Art Nouveau Nude Fan Dancer figure SOLD

Miss Piggy vase, book, puppet
Miss Piggy Vase

Vintage Rolls Royce Music Box Decanter
Vintage Rolls Royce Music Box with decanter


More Collectibles

Art Deco Vase, White
Art Deco Vase
marked Czecho-Slovakia  7825
no chips, 4" x 4 3/4" x 3 1/4"

Art Deco female head vase
Ceramic Vase
of woman's head with hair style of the 1940s,
signed "Land '65", 4 1/4" high, tiny chip

Plaster female face wall hanging

Female face with painted lips,
plaster with wall hanger on back. 
Signed "Kerry Jarvis 1985"
5 1/4" x 8", 3" deep


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